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The Perfect Pet

Our Golden Doodle puppies currently available for adoption were born on September 1st, 2013. In the litter were 5 girls and 1 boy. The mother of the pups is half English/Golden Retriever and her name is Izzy. Izzy has a wonderful temperment which she gets from her father, an English Retriever from Poland. English Retrievers make for a very calm and easily trainable dog. As for Izzy, she could easily be a therapy dog. The father of the puppies is an AKC Poodle.


Our dogs have been given a chance to learn from their mother. Each puppy has been raised holistically. This means they have been fed a healthy diet and were allowed to build up their immune system before getting their vaccinations. Our puppies are well established and looking for a loving home. To reserve one of these beautiful puppies, click the available puppies tab.

12 Facts about our puppies

1.The puppy will sit stay, stand, leash and no leash. The puppy will know all basic commands.

2. Our dogs are family and kid friendly. There is no possibility that the dog will not work out because everything is in place from the training to the bloodline and breed.

3. There are no annoying habits like jumping on people or stealing food from the garbage or trash.

4. There will be no lost sleep from the puppy howling at night.

5. There won't be any costly or expensive damage to any hardwood floors or carpet because all our puppies are potty-trained.

6. The puppy will be attentive and won't run away.

7. Small children will be conditioned positively and learn to love the dog because the dog is friendly and won't bite.

8. There will not be any destruction to the buyer's home. This means no chewing on walls or clothing, no nipping, jumping or bad habits. 

9. Golden Doodles are allergen friendly and don't shed.

10. Golden Doodles need very little grooming. The puppies have hair, not fur, and only need hair cuts about twice a year.

11. There is no threat the puppy will run away because they are loving and friendly.

12. All shots are complete. The dogs have a developed immune system and have been raised holistically.

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